Our Vision

Encouraging everyday people (mainly women and adolescent girls) to use and develop their skills and knowledge and to stand against poverty for a happy life.

Parul Garden established in the year of 1995 with the aim and objective to (1) help people to eradicate poverty through using their skills and tallents (2) create opportunity for job and employment for them who are specialized in production of handicraft items using locally available eco-friendly (environment friendly) resources. Recently, more than 1000 women are involved with Parul Garden.

Our Mission

"God Helps Them Who Help Themselves", trusting this truth, we want to reach our destination a happy and joyful environment with all of our employees, procedures, artisans and the buyers which proves that "We are for each other".

How Parul Garden Came into Life!

Santona Momtaz, a social worker who has been working in the Development sector since 1988, is the founder of 'Parul Garden'.

During her field visits around the country she found that the deprived people of the community who doesn't have the academic education but are blessed with the Artistic talent within them; it is possible to upgrade their standard of living with a little support from us which would bring their artistic talents into reality.

While still in service, Santona started 'Parul Garden' in 1995 with an investment of only Taka 55/- (US$ 1) using materials from Wheat Straws and Jute works. Initially she had only 3 employees.

Parul, Santona's grandma who was married at the age of twelve and was widowed at 18 with three little sons! Parul had worked really hard all her life to establish hers sons. She is Santona's inspiration. Even though Parul passed away in 1990, to honor her struggled life Parul Garden was established in 1995; so that many more single mothers can have the opportunity to bring up their children with dignity. And so far a many families have been established working with Parul Garden. And, for this job Santona now have her son Rumi next to her.

Now, Parul Garden has a Director, 10 full time employees and a numerous number of artisans/producers who are filled with their Artistic Talents.

By the grace of the Almighty God, Parul Garden is Moving Forward with its own persona without any support or loans from any where, to keep its own Promise!