Capacity Building/Skill Development

Parul Garden is a people oriented organization. It is dedicated for the people with special needs, for women headed families and destitute, orphan/street children. Parul Garden has been working since 1995 mainly for the needy/poor women and adolescent girls & boys dropped out from schools in Urban Slums and rural areas with the point of view to change their socio-economic status through local, eco-friendly Handicrafts. But in 2010 Parul Garden took a new dimension in its way that “Encouraging everyday people to use and develop their skills and knowledge” for capacity building by providing different trainings according to market demand and also easy to access for them. In order to bring a sustainable change in the community Parul Garden has been working with the people in need to build effective teams, deliver the expected results for clients, development partners and beneficiaries to maximize the resource and talents to have a sustainable change.

For capacity building Parul Garden arrange Trainings, (Skill training, IGA training, Personal Development training) Workshop, Seminar according to market demand to enhance their self- esteem, self confidence that they don’t feel as a burden of the society rather a resource. These trainings are actually helpful to promote sustainable changes in the informal economy for poverty reduction because these are affordable, marketable and flexible.

Since 2010 Parul Garden has been conducting Trainings for other organizations (GO, NGO, Private sectors, Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Executives, Officials) in the field of: Leadership & Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Gender & Good Governess, Business Development, TOT, Micro Credit Management, Marketing, Training for differently able people: Parul Garden provides Trainings for differently able people and for the children need special care.

Training Cell : Parul Garden has it’s own Training Cell.
Training Centers: Parul Garden has it’s own Training Centers/Venues in Khulna, Jessore, Bagerhat, Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong.

Training Available for Sustainable Livelihood

01. Training on Jute Handicrafts
02. Training on Grass /Palm leaf Handicrafts
03. Training on Bamboo/Cane Handicrafts
04. Training on Tailoring (cutting & sewing)
05. Training on Cutting/Tailor Master
06. Training on Screen Print
07. Training on Karchupi kaj
08. Training on Hand Embroidery
09. Training on Food Processing
10. Training on Block-Batik
11. Training on Motor Driving (Without License)
12. Training on Computer Literacy
13. Training on Mobile Servicing & Repairing
14. Training on Packaging (paper bags, thonga, box etc)
15. Training on Beautician and Beauty Parlor Management
16. Training on Leadership & Management
17. Training on Electric Wiring
18. Training on Radio, TV, VCD, DVD Repairing
19. Training on Hand Made Paper Production
20. Training on Bag Sewing ( Executive Bags, Travel Bag etc)
21. Training on knitting Croset /woolen products
22. Training on Entrepreneurship(New Business creation)
23. Training on Leadership & Management
24. Training on Early Childhood Development
25. Training on Child Rights Convention
26. Training on Gender & Good Governess
27. Training on Financial Management
28. Training on Conflict Management
29. Training for Pre & Primary School Teachers
30. Training on Disaster Management & preparedness
31. Training on Communication
32. Training on Hygiene practice
33. Training on Advocacy, Networking and Lobbying
34. Training for Care Givers/Service Providers
35. Training on Carpentry
36. Training on Building Construction Labor (Mason, Plumber etc)
37. Training on Poultry raising
38. Training on maintenance of fish pond/Gher
39. Training on Kitchen Garden
40. Training on Fisheries
41. Training on Resource Mobilization
42. Training on Business Development
43. Training on Behavioral Communication Change
44. Training on Monitoring and Supervision
45. Training on Hotel Management
46. Training on repairing AC/Refrigerator, Electronics
47. Training on First Food/Cooking
48. Training on Self Esteem /Self Confidence Enhancement
49. Training for differently able people
50. Training on Micro Credit Management